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Workplace Utilization Practices

New ways of working are driving the transformation of the workplace and the office space as a new dimension .




From October 5
to December 15, 2023

International Autumn School Facility Management 2023

From October 23
to October 27, 2023

EuroFM Winter School 2023

From November 2
to November 11, 2023

Latest News

BLOG by Prof.(FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch, EuroFM Ambassador of Austria: Digitalization in FM – Gold or Silver?
Which kind of contribution does digitalization and the use of data as well intelligent software make facility management better, faster and more efficient? Future challenges for Facility Management such as
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BLOG by Susanna Caravatti-Felchlin, EuroFM Ambassador of Switzerland: Digitalization supports Facility Manager to provide superior experiences
In recent years, the digital revolution has reshaped industries across the globe, and facility management is no exception. The convergence of technology and facility management has given rise to a
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New Chair of EuroFM, Natalie Hofman
‘In recent years, the two worlds within facility management, service provision, and providing a well-functioning work environment, have come closer together.’ Natalie Hofman assumed the role of Chair of EuroFM
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