EuroFM acts as an umbrella association, connecting local associations around Europe. It also acts as a connecting point to associations in other continents either directly or through other umbrella associations. The goal of EuroFM is to establish a robust network for local associations, empowering them to amplify their presence at both the European and global levels by promoting their events, courses, documentation, and other relevant initiatives.

To achieve this goal, we focus on the following pillars:

  • Information Exchange: EuroFM will ensure the dissemination of timely information about the activities of country-specific associations, including events, training programs, and other endeavors, fostering sharing, collaboration, and development among members.
  • Cross-Collaboration: EuroFM can facilitate partnerships between local associations and entities from other countries, encouraging cross-border collaboration on projects and initiatives.
  • Promotion of Events: EuroFM will actively promote events that allow each country to showcase its contributions, such as weekly webinars, in both local languages and English, catering to diverse audiences, including expatriates.
  • Awareness Campaigns: EuroFM will identify and endorse European and international initiatives and campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the facilities management profession, enhancing its recognition and relevance on a broader scale.
  • Membership Benefits: Membership in EuroFM will be positioned as an added value for local associations, providing benefits to current members and serving as an incentive for further growth and engagement.
  • Working Groups: EuroFM will establish working groups to address specific issues and challenges faced by associations, such as financial sustainability and effective communication on social media, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among members.

By adhering to these pillars, the EuroFM associations group aims to strengthen the network of local associations, elevate the profile of the facilities management profession, and drive collective growth and advancement within the industry.

EuroFM partner associations: