The goal for the associations group within EuroFM is to provide a true network for local associations, enabling them to promote at the European and Global level their events, courses, documentation and any other relevant contents or initiatives.

To do that, we focus on these pillars:

  • 1. The ANG will provide up to date information on country / associations activities (events, training, etc) to allow sharing, collaboration and development;
  • 2. The ANG can help local associations to invite other countries’ entities/ associations to their own projects;
  • 3. The ANG will promote events that allow each country to bring its contribution to the table (like weekly webinars, etc.) in either their local language or English (good also for expats);
  • 4. The ANG will look for European and International initiatives and campaigns that can bring more awareness towards our profession;
  • 5. Being part of EuroFM must be an additional benefit for local associations to give their current members and to grow more;
  • 6. The ANG will setup working groups for Associations’ own issues and challenges (such as financial sustainability; communication on social media; etc.).

Contact information: Natalie Hofman, EuroFM Associations Chair via