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And The Winner Is…

June 12, 2024

During a Charity Dinner at the EuroFM conference in London held on 10 & 11 June the Award for lecturer of the year was presented. There were several nominees but eventually a winner was selected who was being recognised for her unparalleled dedication, expertise, and passion in the field of Facilities Management.

The lecturer of the year 2024 is: Prof. Alenka Temeljotov-Salaj.
Congratulations on this award and recognition!

Prof. Alenka Temeljotov-Salaj’s beliefs that the future of Facilities Management lies in the synergy between multiple disciplines. Inspired by her unique background in psychology and construction engineering, she teaches an integrated approach that is interconnected in order to make an impact in students’ future professional practice.

She believes that the best learning happens when theory meets practice. This not only gives students hands-on experience but also creates a mindset of co-creation and value-creation which the sector can benefit from. It that wasn’t enough motivation, she is also the Vice-Dean for Innovation in the Faculty of Engineering and in just 2 years she developed a culture of innovation from zero in the faculty leading innovation bootcamps, bachelor and master theses innovation competitions, inspirational innovation talks and initiative on future innovation and entrepreneurship courses in engineering that will come. By integrating these principles into her teachings, Prof. Alenka Temeljotov-Salaj is shaping the next generation of FM professionals who are adaptive, innovative, and ready to tackle global challenges.

Student Award

Students from different backgrounds, facilities management, civil engineering, construction management, gave a presentation on how to transform the facility management industry.

During the EuroFM Conference 2024 three groups presented their findings where Group 1 talked about learning from experiences; connecting the field with education a lot more and providing students with more opportunities to cooperate together. Followed by Group 2 who talked about the internet of things and how we can make a huge societal and environmental impact. Finally Group 3 explained that the digital twin really is the way forward on the integration between construction, property management, and facility management.

The panellists had their favourites, but the audience was asked to vote too! It was a close call – at one point all three were at a tie. But eventually the winner of the student award was Group 3, consisting of Saif Ullah Khan and Harmeen Kaur. Congratulations, and see you at the next event! They have won a ticket to next year’s EuroFM Conference (incl. hotel accomodation) and a book by keynote speaker Simone Fenton-Jarvis.

The Best Paper Award 2024 was presented to Ronald Beckers for his innovative paper ‘Exploring the Home Office with Participatory Photography’!

The Outstanding Industry Initiative Award 2024 went to Intelligent Workplace Solutions Ltd for their initiative on Workplace Solutions for People and Planet.

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