Companies, corporates and other FM organizations are seen as important supporters of the EuroFM common interest. They are corporate clients and service providers representing commercial organizations buying and selling, services and products across the field of FM.

Many organizations operate on a national or international level. For reasons of business development and continuity they undertake research and development (R&D) on a wide range of subjects that are connected to FM. These FM organizations are regarded as members with a high degree of expertise and knowledge; which enables them to be capable of making important contributions to many of the activities being undertaken.

There is the opportunity for existing European business networks to be expanded and strengthened or for new relationships to be created. This is not merely from a commercial or financial perspective, but also professionally, with the relationships being developed resulting in many “win-win” situations.

  • Support individuals to a strategic thinking an behavior and therefore bring the FM business on a strategic level in each company;
  • Be more effective and therefor productive as a result of exchange of best practice knowledge within the network;
  • Contribute to ongoing trends and future developments in the European FM market; strive for continual innovation.

They also play an active role in the activities and projects together with research and education:

  • Have strong links and relationships with educational institutes to support the teaching of FM in the broadest sense;
  • Initiate and participate in FM research projects with prestigious universities and research institutes;
  • Get into contact with high potentials for internships and job positions.