ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Study Real Estate Management and lead real estate into the future

With the new Master of Science in “Real Estate & Facility Management”, a unique course at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences will start in autumn 2022: It combines real estate management, economics, finance and services with the important areas of sustainability and digitalization. The new master’s course was developed in close cooperation with business partners, thus exposing the students to the real challenges of the real estate industry and equipping them with business-oriented problem-solving skills. To ensure that real estate topics are also heard at the top management level, the students are trained in negotiation strategies, communication and leadership. Graduates are interdisciplinary specialists and managers who are able to operate at the interface between management, technology and finance. The demand for these executives is high and they have a variety of promising career prospects, whether as a smart city expert in a community, a workplace manager in a bank or a real estate manager at a pharmaceutical company. Two thirds of the teaching takes place digitally and one third is completed on site. This allows for a high degree of compatibility and flexibility between their studies, work and private life.