Education Group

The members contains of lecturers, students and The Education Group is a forum for universities where all individuals can connect with each other – and more importantly – stay connected. The main focus of the Education Group are students and their lecturers. And of course the universities and their Facility Management programs. Also members of EuroFM who have a strong interest in the educational field and giving trainings related to the FM profession.

Through personal relations and organizing exchange & international teamwork the Education Group hopes to inspire students and their lecturers to actively join. Not only for social networking where members can create, post, comment to and read from their own interest and specific forums. However more important to be part of an active virtual community. Sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences, helping each other to fulfil their dreams as FM professionals. Aiming for a powerful platform where open, transparent and sustainable partnerships are established, based on mutual trust and shared goals.

The role of the Education Group is summarized below:

Through student and staff exchange, students actually see the differences in not only FM knowledge, but also in how to work together in interesting and present-day projects. The wish of the Education Group  is to address all FM students through Europe to experience this. The intention of the Education Group is to reach these young professionals and learn them about the added value of the EuroFM platform. This will not only benefit the students, however as well as all other EuroFM members who can learn a great deal from the next FM generation. The Education Group, as part of EuroFM, can bring the past, current and future generations of the FM profession together, exchanging needs and demands of today and tomorrow. These initiatives give students access to the FM market through new (digital) portals, where business, young talents, educators and researchers meet.

There are different types of activities and network opportunities organized during the year:

Current and/or future activities:

Contact information: Carmel Lindkvist, EuroFM Education Chair via