Since its foundation 35 years ago the EuroFM community has grown to become the international independent FM network it is today. Pursuing to bring forward the FM profession and to come to a better mutual understanding by learning and sharing FM knowledge worldwide, EuroFM steps up to maintain and develop FM networking. Providing support for the FM professional, EuroFM shows its lively involvement with the FM industry and FM networking.

The EuroFM Ambassador program concerns Facility Management professionals known for accomplishments and involvement with the FM profession worldwide to support and disseminate EuroFM initiatives and activities.

With the ambition to have global representation of EuroFM Ambassadors, it is the aim to support the development of FM internationally. The Ambassador program makes the ‘added value’ of the FM profession more visible and the results of work in the field of FM will have a higher impact. Supporting global sustainable developments, launching FM projects and initiatives in the FM industry.

Appointed EuroFM Ambassadors will increase the EuroFM reach to establish an internationally communicating and recognized expertise community of FM professionals. The EuroFM Ambassador are the ‘hands, ears and eyes’ for the EuroFM network.

The title of EuroFM Ambassador is conferred on individuals in recognition of their potential contribution to the mission and objectives of EuroFM and the enhancement of the FM profession in general. In order to be nominated as an EuroFM Ambassador, candidates are recognized FM professionals in practice, research or education. An Ambassador will disseminate, introduce and inform about the EuroFM network and the FM industry in the country where appointed and professionally active.

First EuroFM Ambassador Assembly, Sofia 2018

This first Ambassadors Assembly offered an outlook on future doings of the Ambassadors within the framework of the Ambassadors program. The development of a dedicated area on the EuroFM website for the Ambassador to unfold Facility Management country related information sharing it with the global FM community and launching the online FM LOOF platform (bringing lots of opportunities for the FM industry) with Ambassadors support shows the ambition of the EuroFM Ambassadors Program for enhancing the FM profession internationally!

Second Ambassador Assembly, Dublin 2019

Second EuroFM Ambassador assembly outline some initiatives which could reinforce the communication possibilities between ambassadors and FM industries in different countries. Ambassadors also agree to make a list with biggest FM challenges per country.