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Organized by: Zurich and Zuyd Universities of Applied Science


This year’s Collaborative Online International Learning project (COIL) is organised by Zurich and Zuyd Universities of Applied Science, the theme is sustainability and in particular ESG. The DEEP COIL project is all about 50 students working together in multinational teams, starting in Zurich (CH) and finishing in Heerlen/Maastricht (NL).

Be part of an international team

Students will meet their teammates live for the kick-off in Zurich on 3 & 4 October 2024. After that, they will work collaboratively, step by step, through a weekly online programme which they decide with their team and then meet again on 5 & 6 December 2024. During this whole activity students will be coached by lecturers of the participating universities.

The workload of this course corresponds to around 3 ECTS (this may vary per university).

In general, the following competences are promoted: digital, intercultural, working in virtual teams, self-competences, flexibility and creativity, collaboration in a foreign language (English).

How to apply?

Are you enthusiastic about joining the DEEP COIL? Contact your education coordinator/internationalisation officer or a lecturer within your program. They can get in contact with

Additional information

Each university can enter a maximum of seven students so if necessary, a first selection will be made.


From October 3
to December 6, 2024

Upcoming Events

International Autumn School Facility Management 2024

From October 14
to October 18, 2024


From October 3
to December 6, 2024