Proceedings 22nd EuroFM Research Symposium 2023

We invite you to read, learn, and be inspired by the proceedings of the 22nd EuroFM Research Symposium, organized within the 28th EuroFM Facility Management Conference, which took place from November 9th to 11th, 2023, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The conference theme, ‘Shaping the Next Generation of FM,’ emphasizes the need for Facility Management (FM) to adapt to transformations in education, research, industry, and the broader FM community. These transformations encompass innovations and developments in FM, leadership and management practices, and sustainable FM. Aligned with this theme, the papers included in the proceedings focus on the topics of digitalization, circularity, and learning spaces.

This proceedings contains a total of 16 papers, all of which have undergone a double-blind review process. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the members of the scientific committee and the best paper committee for their dedication and expertise throughout the review process. Your valuable contributions, constructive feedback, and insights have not only ensured the originality of FM research but have also sustained the validity of the research presented in these proceedings.

We are deeply thankful for the contributions, commitment, and passion demonstrated by the authors. We are very proud that the authors have chosen to share and elevate their research findings at the EuroFM Research Symposium 2023. We are happy that the EuroFM Research Network has the privilege to support the advancement of cutting-edge FM research. Thank you for your trust and contribution!

Please download your own copy here.

A special recognition goes to the local host, Prof. Dr. Harun Tanrıvermi, and his team from Ankara University for their invaluable local support, knowledge, and, most notably, their enthusiastic and genuine investments in advanced FM research.

The proceedings are intended not only for FM researchers but also for educators, students, practitioners, and the broader FM community. The EuroFM Research Network has adopted an open-access research policy to ensure that everyone can benefit from FM research. We hope you will find the proceedings both interesting and useful for your FM responsibilities.

Tuuli Jylhä
Chair of the Scientific Committee
Research Chair, EuroFM

Vitalija Danivska
Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee
Conference Chair, EuroFM