New “Facility Management” Master’s Program at Sofia University, Bulgaria

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” starts this fall a new Master’s Program “Facility Management” with a class of over 20 students. The Master’s Program is in Bulgarian language and FEBA is partnering with the Bulgarian Facility Management Association ( as well as with EuroFM.

The official opening of the academic year will be held on October 26, 2020, with the participation of Mr Goran Milanov, President of EuroFM, and Mr Ivan Velkov, Chairman of BGFMA. Other representatives of FM companies will also attend the official start of the academic year.

The program director is Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, who is also the current Dean at FEBA. His team has provided a specialization in Facility Management in other master’s programs in the past and now is ready to offer a standalone master’s program. FEBA has also organized short-term facility & property management courses, as well as a Facility Management Summer School (in 2019) for local experts and master’s students.

The Bulgarian FM master’s program builds on the bachelor’s degree in all specialties from all professional fields. It is structured in such a way as to offer high quality training at the master’s level. Its design ensures the coverage of a wide range of topics and approaches from the practice of facility management.

The program starts with two introductory courses in facility management and property management, which cover the basic knowledge and skills in the field. Some of the key courses are dedicated to accounting in facility management, project management for the work environment, as well as digital innovations in facility and property management. Elective courses related to asset management, sustainable development and energy consumption in buildings are also offered.

In addition to exams as a traditional approach to assessing student progress, the educational process also includes solving practical problems, incl. within structured assignments. The program ends with the development of a master’s thesis on a topic, jointly defined and implemented in cooperation with interested representatives from the sectors of facility management and property management. In this respect, the master’s thesis could also serve as a tool to facilitate the transition to the labor market.

Graduates of the program can find professional realization as specialists and managers in companies offering facility management and property management solutions and services, as well as in other enterprises and institutions, where they are responsible for internal real estate management processes and facility management processes. Graduates can also be realized as experts, managers and consultants in the public administration and the non-governmental sector, as lecturers and researcher, etc.

Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Economics & Business Administration, Sofia University
Head, Department Industrial Economics & Management
Director, Master’s Program “Energy Markets & Services”
mobile: + 359 888 466 450

FMgoesDigi – join the survey

Digitalization/Technology will change the future of Real Estate and Facility Management, as we are witnessing it during this pandemic. It is necessary to understand “how” digitization will influence our work, but first we must identify the “what”, to apply digital technologies in each case.

This link takes you to a survey on the technologies that will influence Real Estate and Facility Management the most in the coming years. In less than 4 minutes you will identify which ones to consider and to give your opinion as a user, service supplier or researcher of any level or sector.

This survey is part of an EU-funded project of four EuroFM member universities and institutes from Finland, Germany and Spain, called FMgoesDIGI. The project analyses the extension of digital technologies and their maturity on a global scale. The objective is to develop recommendations of what to include in Real Estate and Facility Management learning/academic programs in order to enable future professionals to cope with the challenges of the digital transformation in Real Estate and Facility Management and to strengthen European competitiveness in this field.

Together with other European Real Estate and Facilty Management associations, EuroFM is supporting the dissemination of the survey and we kindly ask you for your support by taking part in this survey.

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