Optima facility S.L.

We specialize in managing and providing a diverse range of services using our own personnel and resources. We perceive the FM sector as a vibrant space of opportunities to foster innovative and daring approaches. We promote inclusive talent and our work is guided by an ESG perspective on sustainability, aiming to create a positive impact toward a more sustainable world.

Aalto University

Aalto University is where people who think differently bring the best out of each other. A place where imagination and theory meet practice and reality. A community to solve challenges most consider impossible.


Spacewell is a global supplier of IWMS software, energy management, and smart building solutions. Using real-time IoT data analytics and smart apps, it supports real estate, energy, workplace, and facility managers to improve the lifecycle performance of building portfolios, the productivity and wellbeing of the people using these buildings and the quality of the services delivered to them.

Japan Facility Management Association

Japan Facility Management Association (JFMA) is an organization established for the promotion and establishment of FM practice in Japan, and the skill development of the facility managers.


The Professional Cleaning and Facility Management Association of Latvia (LPUAA) was founded in order to jointly deal with professional cleaning and facility management industry problems and promote its development in Latvia. The association’s main objective is to address facility management and cleaning industries’ company common problems with a pragmatic approach.


Under the heading “Exchange – Expertise – Evolve” (3Es), belfa makes every effort to optimally represent and support the FM professional in the field, based on various initiatives, with the aim of generating Exchange, Expertise and Evolve

FMN: Facility Management Nederland

FMN is the Dutch professional association in the field of facility management. The association contributes to the development and promotion of this branch, brings its members together and keeps them informed. This benefits both their own performance and that of the organization for which they work.

Sofia University

Founded in 1888, Sofia University is the leading academic institution in Bulgaria. FEBA offers a “Facility Management” MBA and related research for the FM business. Additional short-term facility management trainings are organized on a regular basis.

Ankara University FAS

The main objective of Ankara University is to sustain its pioneering identity being the first university of the Republic of Turkey through its qualified scientific research and education studies and to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world