Vacancy in Real Estate


13 October 2014


Heerlen, The Netherlands


Vacancy is on the rise due to several trends. Do you want to learn more about the opportunities vacancy has to offer? Do you want to work with an international group of students and follow inspiring lectures? Do you want to contribute to creating a sustainable solution? Then the pop-up university in a vacant building in the center of Heerlen is the right place for you! Zuyd University invites you to join!

International Week

From 13-17 October 2014 Zuyd University of Applied Sciences hosts an international week. The theme of this week is vacancy in real estate, a problem that many cities are dealing with. During the international week, an international student group works together to come up with concepts to tackle the vacancy problem in the center of Heerlen.


All lectures and group work take place in a pop-up university in a vacant building in the center of Heerlen. More information about this pop-up university will follow soon. Keep updated on the university' website



Further details and contact information

For more information please visit the organizer's website.

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