Leveraging Workplace Design and Technology to Enhance Engagement, Collaboration and Performance


25-27 September 2017




The world is constantly changing, and as the workforce becomes more diverse and technology evolves with it, employees are expecting much more from their employer and from the environment they are tasked with producing results in. Corporate real estate leaders recognise the value of accommodating these needs, and are starting to replace their traditional employment and workplace models with next generation design concepts; all of which play a pivotal role in recruiting, retaining, and enabling employees to succeed.

There is significant shift in attitude towards valuing people; their goals, priorities and the space that aligns to these needs. Corporate Real Estate experts have the ability to be a catalyst for change, encourage innovation, and improve employee morale with the right tools and real estate strategy.

With that in mind, Next Generation Workplaces 2017 has been developed to showcase cutting edge case studies on the topics of:

• Leveraging design to support an agile workforce
• Utilising technology to enhance the employee experience and foster collaboration
• Effective change management strategies to ensure that your staff realise the benefits of their  new environments
• Increasing space utilisation in an increasingly mobile and flexible workforce 

Join this event go to: https://nextgenworkplaces.iqpc.co.uk/

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