Measuring the value of FM – join this EuroFM Webinar!


24 November 2016 | 14:00-15:00 (CEST)




Practitioners, corporate members and of course all other EuroFM members are invited to join this EuroFM Webinar on Thursday November 24th from 14:00 till 15:00 (CEST). 

Dr. ir. D.J.M. (Theo) van der Voordt (The Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment at Delft University of Technology) will present how to manage and measure the value of Facility Management (FM) and Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM). 

Costs are an important driver for many of us. Van der Voordt will show us there are actually 12 parameters to define the value. These parameters can be influenced in different ways and the performance can measured in different ways. For example the parameter “health & safety” could be improved by better indoor air quality, acoustics and light. By measuring sick leave, number of accidents or percentage of dissatisfied employees, you gain insight in how well you perform on “health & safety”. To be able to compare your performance with other organizations, a standard method is required. The model Van der Voordt proposes could be a way to standardize measuring the value of FM.

During the presentation there will be enough time for questions and discussions. The webinar is recorded and made available on the EuroFM website. 

Watch here the webinar the belonging documents we sent to the participants, be there a next time!

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