Site Manager Certification


In collaboration with REUG, EuroFM has developed a Site Manager Certificate which sets international standards and at the same time is localised to the local laws and standards of each European country. This pan-European Certificate supports the provision of services and assures comparable quality at international level. It takes into account transparent bidding processes and supports all requirements of public tendering procedures by allowing to measure and improve on the quality of service and the skills of people delivering it.

Site managers are the link between tenants, real estate and facility services. They understand the tenant’s core business and are thus able to define the tenant’s requirements with regards to FM, to organise hard and soft services, to implement FM processes and services at site level and adapt real estate use accordingly.

The highest aim of the Site Manager is to achieve the customer’s satisfaction in terms of a long-lasting relationship. For this, a site manager has to balance customer expectations as well as costs and quality. Additionally, he or she is often the single point of contact and the „problem solver“ for all FM related issues. This includes handling offers and orders, incidents and tickets, the coordination of a wide range of other FM related services and, last but not least, the reporting on the rendered services and the cost incurred.

The Site Manager Certification is designed for people who already work in this role in FM departments or at service companies, either as internal site managers on the tenant’s premises or as external site managers working for service providers.

The competencies required to achieve the Certificate are based on the European Standard EN 15221-4 (technical and infrastructural knowledge, legal knowledge and compliance, organisational, business and commercial skills, knowledge about workplace and related strategies, construction and renovation, social and methodological skills) The questions used to assess the knowledge of the candidates are localised to the national context (legislation, norms and standards as well as the language) by EuroFM in collaboration with the local FM organisations performing the examination.

Prerequisite education is either a general education at secondary schools, Business school or University degrees (in the field of FM) or apprenticeships with a master's certificate or relevant work experience. 

To read more or to partake in the site manager certification, please contact the EuroFM team or download the flyer.


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25-07-2014 Press Release EU Certification

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  • Local partner
    • does local marketing and sales
    • Determines the schedule for the competence checks and certifications
    • Sends the names of the candidates to EuroFM 
    • Takes care for the testing infrastructure (room, PC with internet access)
  • EuroFM 
    • provides database of candidates, questions and result
    • sends necessary data to sign into the system as a named candidate to the association
    • Sends out the results/certificates
  • Local partner
    • Audits examination
    • Examinations are done over the internet portal of the EuroFM database
    • The examination is taken in the form of multiple-choice tests on the Internet portal of EuroFM (test duration: 60 min competence check / certification 90 min, own laptops and documents allowed
    • The results are calculated by the examination software automatically, the competence checks the local partner hands over results plus a statement of the competences to the candidate and in case of the certificate the local partner hands the certificate or a statement of failure over to the candidate.