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If you are in FM, don’t miss this opportunity to participate! EFMC 2019 | Dublin!

03 Feb,2019


In June, the conference format will be an innovative concert-style approach at the AVIVA stadium central Atrium: all events will take place in the same space, so that attendees may maximize networking time without missing out on the highlights of the programme. Food and drink will be served non-stop, allowing attendees to eat when it suits them, or to keep going with a double expresso at any time of day. Flexible seating and a range of exciting ambiences will recreate some of the most up-to-date workplaces in the market.

Looking at the origin of the attendees from over 50 countries in previous EFMCs, one thing is clear: “EuroFM” has evolved into an international network, with universities, research centers, professional organizations and corporations from all over the world. It has become an open network for Facility Management with no flags or private interests, just FM, One FM. The EFMC is the annual reunion where stakeholders from five continents interact to promote and shape the future of the profession. Learn more about the program



Last modified on 12 Feb,2019