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FM National Associations Leaders Meeting Kufstein

29 Mar,2018


During the FM National Associations leaders meeting recently held in Kufstein, Austria on Wednesday March 7th 2018, inspiring discussions with national FM associations representatives took place. To structure the EuroFM organization to the different needs and interests also of this group of members, it is to be considered to change and align the organizational set up of EuroFM a bit. The national and international FM associations could then be organized in an FM leaders community. This adjusted set up for the different EuroFM member groups would aim to provide more continuity in the discussions and a more durable organization.


In Kufstein National FM associations of eight different countries gave their insights on the value proposition of EuroFM. What could EuroFM offer to help them and fulfil their needs? Not only did they reflect upon the products and services that EuroFM currently offers, they also came up with new ideas!


The eFMi stands out from the crowd. All attendees appreciate the online magazine of EuroFM and advises us to continue with this. It is interesting to read articles about European developments and international trends. Some associations translate relevant articles to their local language and share it with their members in their (bi-)weekly newsletter.

The EuroFM site managers certification for some countries is also very interesting. The certification is adapted to the local market, which makes it way more interesting and valuable than certifications of RICS, BIFM, etc. For some other countries the site managers certification is less interesting, because already another (-sometimes local) certification is in place.
Reporting about the FM market in Europe is a nice addition to EuroFM products, but not for all a need-to-have. Some countries have their own market data research and don’t feel a strong need to compare this with other countries. A report could be a paid service to cover the research costs and be an additional revenue stream for EuroFM.  


An idea that did popup during the meeting is to develop a ‘blue book’ for associations, like there is for FM education as well. In this blue book every FM association could describe what are the deliverables, who are the members, what specializations, what developments going on in the country and so on. The attending associations would like to know about the experiences and knowledge of other National FM associations, so also to know who to contact for what and how.


A follow-up FM National Associations leaders meeting will be scheduled coming October, during the EuroFM Members Meeting 17-19 October 2018 in Lisbon.


Last modified on 29 Mar,2018