Research papers 16th Research symposium EFMC 2017 available for download!

05 May 2017

The general conference theme for EFMC 2017 is “Consolidating the Global Scope of Facility Management” and this is also the theme of the 16th EuroFM Research Symposium, which is organized as part of the conference. The objective of the research symposium is to present original research that contributes to the understanding of the role of FM in organisations and to encourage discussions and the development of new knowledge amongst researchers, FM professionals and educationalists on this important topic. This year the research symposium is partly integrated with the business conference to support a strong cross-fertilisation between research and practice. There are 3 sessions dedicated to research papers and 2 sessions include a combination of research and business presentations. All research presentations are based on research papers, which have been through a rigorous review process as used for earlier EuroFM research symposia.

All together 32 abstracts was received and after the review process 19 papers were accepted and they are all included is this publication. Out of the 19 papers, 15 are presented at research sessions and 4 are presented at combined sessions. EuroFM has agreed an open access mandate. This ensures that the full text of all published research symposium papers (and conference proceedings arising from EuroFM sponsored work) should be deposited in an open access institutional repository, or if that is not available, on the ResearchGate database after the conference.


The publication of the printed proceedings is sponsored by Centre for Facilities Management – Realdania Research (CFM) at the Technical University of Denmark.

We thank all authors and the scientific committee for their dedicated time and efforts. We wish the reader an enjoyable learning experience and lots of inspirations for further research and the application into education and practice.


Download the research papers from the knowledge portal.

Last modified on 05 May 2017