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23 Feb 2017

Pekka Matvejeff on behalf of the Board to the EuroFM members:

We would like to thank you all, who participated in our Oslo meeting last week. Once again our sincere thanks to Oslo-Åkershus University College of Applied Sciences, Knut Boge and his colleagues for hosting our 2017 EuroFM Winter School and the General Members Meeting. The outcomes of the Winter School were amazing and the feedback from our members was excellent.

The next two things we would like to address just now already to you as our member:


The new EuroFM board wants to support national associations, universities and other members by being more visible and available to our members. In order to do that, we would like you to inform our Team Office ( about various national/areal/local conferences, seminars or other types of happenings, which you think might be worthwhile for us to attend. As stated in Oslo, we plan to put together “an Annual Clock”, which identifies all those happenings and helps us to plan our actions accordingly as well as to avoid overlapping actions. Depending on the geographical location of our member, one of the board members joins your suggested happening and you set the agenda, how you would like to utilize our presence. We aim to focus on supporting our members in different parts of Europe to get your message through and enhance the FM community in your areas and amongst your stakeholders. Of course, our budget sets certain frames for our participation, but within that context we are willing to support you in ways you feel are appropriate.  


We have a tradition of arranging our winter General Members Meeting combined with the annual EuroFM Winter School in February. We plan to continue that tradition. The 2017 Fall General Members Meeting will be held in Heerlen (Zuyd UAS) in October jointly with the EuroFM Summer School. Starting from the Fall 2018, we will go “back to normal” and have separate General Members Meeting without the combination of the Summer School. This is to ensure that other members but universities also would have the opportunity to host these meetings. You can combine the Fall General Members Meeting with your national conference or similar happenings, which in part supports your presence and actions in your local area. So, national associations and other members, think over this proposal, step forward and tell us about your willingness to host these meetings. We will handle the announcements from host candidates on the “First come-first serve” basis, which means that the first candidate has the priority for hosting the meeting. If you are interested, contact our Team Office ( Please, note that we have separate proceedings for the annual EFMC host candidacy.

The spirit and energy amongst our members in Oslo last week was very promising. We aim to keep up that spirit and energy and invite you all to bring in your joint effort for this mutual benefit.

Hope to see many of you at the 2017 EFMC in Madrid!


Pekka Matvejeff

Chairman EuroFM

Last modified on 24 Feb 2017