Pekka Matvejeff: New Chair EuroFM!

13 Jan 2017

Dear members of EuroFM,


This is my first message as the new Chairman of EuroFM. In this very moment I am feeling very humble, but also honoured and proud when taking over the chairmanship. I have now officially taken over “the pencil” from Ron van der Weerd and continue the communication through this channel amongst others. The official “Thank You”-ceremonies for our previous Chairman will take place in Oslo, but I can already now say that I don´t know too many individuals who have given so much voluntary time, expertise and effort to EuroFM Network as Ron has during these past years. More importantly, it has also been fun to work with him!

Yes, networking and working in a network should be fun as well! That was the reason why we came out with the initiative of the team-perspective, before the selection of the new board in Madrid. Even though we are all individuals, working as a team in a non-profit, voluntary network is essential. We also know very well our individual substance areas, our different personalities and skills. There is also mutual trust between us. In other words, the basement for effective and value-adding work in the board has already been established. This creates positive energy and leaves also room for having fun while working together.

As the board of EuroFM we would like to enhance the opportunities for national FM Associations and practitioners to take a more central role in developing business environments and education in respective countries. At the same time we should be able to attract business organizations to find new business opportunities through our Network. However, we should put the greatest focus into bringing in more students and younger generations into the Network and support their paths when taking over the future developments in the FM environment globally.

But this is only a tiny part of the story. It is the members of EuroFM and the FM Community that we serve as a board. I would like to invite all members of EuroFM to bring in your positive energy, knowledge and expertise when taking the next steps together towards the future of our Network. In Oslo we will again have a knowledge sharing workshop together with all members. We would like to utilize the Friday (17th of February) morning session for designing a road map or a strategic plan for EuroFM for the upcoming years. Let´s update our strategic intent and clarify our goals. The output created by the members in this Oslo session could then act as a guideline for all members and especially for the board.

When you think about the future goals for EuroFM, remember our mission. We are here to advance knowledge in FM (especially in Europe) and ensure its effective application in practice, research and education. We want to offer a platform to all actors under the “FM Umbrella”, no matter where they come from. We are not an association of associations. Because we are based in Europe, it is obvious that we aim to further strengthen and develop especially the European FM community. However, FM business is global and challenges are shared, so it is extremely important for us as a network to proactively sustain and develop the relationships with our colleagues and partners on other continents across the globe.

So, before coming to Oslo, we would like you to consider our Network´s future prospects. Here I would like to refer to our former Chairman and Honourable Member Keith Alexander´s interview in the latest CIFMers Newsletter: “We should reflect on the original spirit, on the mission, its European emphasis and on the nature of a network organization.” Two questions that Keith Alexander states in his interview are also worth considering: “If we were creating the network today, how would we organize ourselves?” and “Are we prepared for a different future?” Thank you Keith for your wise words!

We are very grateful to our Norwegian colleagues for organizing the next Members Meeting in Oslo. Let´s again bring people together, stay connected and also have some fun together! See you in Oslo!

Pekka Matvejeff, Chairman EuroFM

Last modified on 13 Jan 2017