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A goodbye from Ron van der Weerd: EuroFM Chair | 2012-2016

30 Dec,2016

Dear members of EuroFM,

By the first of January 2017 I will be handing over the EuroFM chairmanship to Pekka Matvejeff.

I am very confident that with the new board team EuroFM will be in good hands. This also, for in the end, it is always the members who are in charge and any board will always do their utmost best to serve the members. Although of course, not at all times it lies within the power of the board to please all the members at the same time. I also realize this has been the case at times during my chairmanship the past years. But however it may be, for me it has been a great pleasure and honor to serve EuroFM for the past five years. I am looking forward to continue my participation within the network of EuroFM and focus from this perspective to contribute to our beautiful profession. It is now time for the new chair to take over, so in this last writing as a chair I invite him to now and then write a  little column in the coming members messages in 2017, keeping you updated with the last ongoing. For instance by sharing with us his view on the role of the board of this network organization. Or perhaps tell us about the beauty of the profession, the importance of research & education, involvement of practice, involvement of national associations or the filling in of a good and sustainable relation with IFMA for collaboration and cooperation to serve European FM the best. 

Of course this is also an invitation to all the members to bring out their opinion. Write about it, approach the board, visit our meetings, take the initiative, start projects, give us feedback and stand out of the crowd. After wishing you all the best for 2017 I now hand over ‘this pencil’ to Pekka, wishing him all the success in the world!

Last modified on 30 Dec,2016