Become a member of EuroFM - Take notice of the new contribution fees!

30 Dec 2016

Become a member of EuroFM - The European Facility Management Network!

Do you want to focus on common Facility Management (FM) concerns and special needs specific to topics that interest your network, occupation or organization? Enhance your knowledge and know-how within the FM sector? Do you want to learn about new working styles and processes? Do you want to enlarge and advocate the identity and image of your engagements by learning from others and contributing to the FM community? 

How? By means of networking, learning by sharing and participating in diverse workgroups and meetings. You will be on top of your game in terms of where FM is heading and how the market trends of the industry can benefit your activities!

The Facility Management sector is now large and complex; it includes a broad range of ancillary services provided by single service contractors and FM companies. Excellent FM can deliver effective management of the assets of an organization! How does FM actually work in an organization? Are you equipped with the right knowledge? Are you increasing your FM network and are you aware of the latest developments in modern business management?

Become a member of the EuroFM network today and benefit from:

- being on top of the on-going developments within the FM profession
- joining knowledge sharing projects with FM professionals
- wide European and international FM networking activities
- reduced member fee European Facility Management Conference
- partaking in the EuroFM award competitions
- reading the quarterly magazine European FM insight
- making use of the FM knowledge portal, FM webinars and FM publications
- receiving the EuroFM bi -weekly digital newsletter
- attending the members meetings organized two times a year

The European FM network association has its members situated in 23 different countries in Europe from research institutes to universities, commercial organizations and national FM related associations. EuroFM aims to support and develop FM-related initiatives and progress the advancement about the knowledge of FM worldwide.Becoming a member of a strong and leading association in the FM industry means stepping into an international FM network connecting facilities management to international business development.

Per 2017 EuroFM has changed its yearly membership fees*:

Small Companies / outside Europe Associations € 250,00

Universities / Research Institutes / small European FM Associations € 750,00

Large European FM Associations / Corporates € 1.500,00

Become a member now and take advantage of your member discounted European Facility Members Meeting ticket. Save the date for April 25 -27, 2017 in Madrid.

Becoming a EuroFM member makes you able to contribute to the enhancement of Facilities Management worldwide. So why wait? Join EuroFM today!

Last modified on 30 Dec 2016