Outcome voting change EuroFM contribution fee proposal

22 Dec 2016

At December the 16th 2016 the outcome of the voting by the members regarding the proposal to change the EuroFM contribution fee showed a big majority in favour of the proposal.

This means the annual membership fee per 2017 will be based on the next 3 fee categories:

€ 250 | Small companies / foreign associations
€ 750 | Universities / small FM associations
€ 1500 | Large FM associations / corporate associates

As already announced earlier this year EuroFM has been looking to change its contribution fee system. The system as it is in place is not of ‘today’ anymore. EuroFM is better served with a system that is simple and clear. A fee system that should also not be like a (financial) threshold. A clear system, with reasonable contribution fees makes it more attractive for organizations to become a EuroFM member. EuroFM with the outcome of the voting today has put the first step in this direction. It also actually opened up for small companies and foreign associations to become more deeply involved with the association.

We thank all members for their involvement, their questions, their recommendations and their voting. For further reading please read the earlier publications in this matter here

Last modified on 22 Dec 2016