The contribution of the real estate and built environment sector in the EU

22 Nov 2016

With the aim to establish a high-level EU dialogue and strategy for Europe’s real estate and built environment sector a joint initiative has been launched to give the real estate sector coordinated attention as a matter of priority at European level.

Today the concerning factsheet has been published by 30 associations representing the widest breadth of stakeholders operating in the real estate and built environment sector. Members of the different organisations are involved in commercial and residential real estate (including private and social rental housing), construction, and represent professionals, owners, tenants, investors and NGOs.

This initiative is to promote a holistic approach to decision-making which includes the various sectors in the real estate and built environment life cycle.

The factsheet contains the Real Estate & Built Environment life cycle, explaining the various stages and how they are linked, and presents some key facts & figures on why the sector is so important, to people, the economy and climate.

Contracting parties feel that a dialogue between decision makers and the entire sector is an important element of having a collective voice heard. This initiative by no means is intended to replace individual or sector-specific engagement activities, but rather to complement.

Download here the factsheet.

Last modified on 22 Nov 2016