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Word to the members from the new EuroFM board team- starting 2017

07 Oct,2016

Dear Members of EuroFM,

As the freshly elected new board of EuroFM Network, we would like to express our gratitude and humble thanks to all our members on behalf of the whole new board. We will be in full speed starting from the 1st of January, 2017. Meanwhile, the present board concentrates on introducing the tasks and responsibilities to new board members and those leaving the board hand over their work to the new ones.

Before the Members Meeting in Madrid we emphasized the importance of the board acting as a team. Thank you for listening to us. We got lots of positive feedback about this approach and look forward to fulfilling your expectations.

Working as a board of a network means active listening and hearing all the manifold voices of the FM community. We would like to invite you to proactively communicate with the board members. As a board we also know that we are not able to tackle all our challenges alone. We ask our members to step forward and come out with new initiatives and development ideas and to work them further together with us.

Last but not least, we would like to remind all of us that EuroFM is a network – not an association of associations. This is stated in our constitution, it has always been in that way from the very start of EuroFM. The present Chair and the board have also repeatedly articulated this message, so this should be nothing new to us. As a network we provide a platform to all FM actors to communicate, share best practices and network, no matter where we come from. EuroFM is not a competitor to other FM actors: even those who consider themselves as competitors are welcome to join us and utilize the EuroFM Network. We aim to further strengthen and develop the European FM community, but also proactively sustain and develop the relationships with our colleagues on other continents. Let´s bring people together, communicate and stay connected!

There will be the time for the present board to pass over the baton to the new one. With this message we just wanted to express our appreciation to you. Thank you for the trust you put on us as the new board. We are looking forward to the upcoming years.

The new EuroFM Board starting in 2017:

Chair: Pekka Matvejeff
Vice Chair: Goran Milanov
Treasurer/Secretary: Scott Newland
Chair RNG: Susanne Balslev Nielsen
Chair CANG: Mauro Rabolini
Chair PNG: Renske van der Heide
Chair ENG: Olga van Diermen

Last modified on 07 Oct,2016