Invitation to young FM researchers and practitioners to make their voices heard!

04 Oct 2016

What are the needs and interests of young researchers and practitioners participating in the industry of Facility Management?

On behalf of EuroFM, this new Youth FM project is initiated to, amongst other issues, to try and explore what aspects young students and professionals value the most, and what collaborations can therefore be offered within the available framework currently in place within the FM profession. One of the most important parts to bring this project further is an online survey.

Young researchers and practitioners are invited to participate in this survey. We kindly ask all active FM professionals to spread this survey further in your organization, and encourage colleagues, students, researchers, practitioners to share their opinions with us. The survey consists of 20 questions, which should take about 10 - 15 minutes to accomplish.

For your reference, to bring this survey further in your organization, a draft invitation letter is created and down here attached to make it easier for you to spread the survey and its meaning. Thanks for cooperating and looking forward to your reply! We will keep our members and all other FM professionals posted of the outcome and further actions resulting.

Last modified on 04 Oct 2016