Board elections 2017-2018

05 Sep 2016

During the next General Members Meeting in Madrid September 30th 2016 the board for the next term will be appointed by the members. Nominees are requested to send in their application for the position they feel ambitious to fulfil. For the term 2017-2018 the next positions will be become vacant: Chair, Vice chair, Treasurer/Secretary, RNG Chair, ENG Chair and CANG Chair. Those who are interested are welcome to apply until September 16th 2016. Please us the Board Member Application Form.

The names of the candidates and their motivation will be published on the website of EuroFM. Considering the received applications for the coming open board positions the following candidates sent in their nomination form for the next positions. The following names linked to the following positions are eligible (please click on the name in order to read the received motivation).

  • Chair: 
    Pekka Matvejeff, Development Manager and Senior Lecturer Laurea UAS (Finland)
    Karin Schaad, Senior business consultant ISS (Switzerland) 
  • Vice chair: Goran Milanov, Chair BGFMA (Bulgaria)/ Candidate 2nd term
  • Treasurer/Secretary: Scott Newland, Chief Operating Officer at ECS (United Kingdom)/ Candidate 1st term
  • RNG Chair: Susanne Balslev Nielsen, Associate Professor at DTU Management Engineering (Denmark)/ Candidate 2nd term
  • ENG Chair: Olga van Diermen, Senior lecturer from FM the Hague university (the Netherlands)/ Candidate 1st term
  • CANG Chair: Mauro Rabolini, Sales and Sourcing Lead SEMED Region at CBRE GWS (Italy)/ Candidate 2nd term

As mentioned above the voting will take place during the General Members Meeting on Friday September 30th in Madrid. All the individual candidates will be given the stage if wanted for a max five minutes’ pitch. After the presentations the voting per position will take place. For the members who are not able to be present at the GMM and would like to vote, please use the Voting and Proxy form Board EuroFM 2017/2018.

Regarding the upcoming next composition of the board for the term 2017-2018, a word by the present Chair, Ron van der Weerd, addresses this topic. As follows.

To the members of EuroFM, Ron van der Weerd, chair:

Speaking on behalf of the six members of the present board of EuroFM I would like to address the following.


The present board suggests to compose the next board from a team-perspective. This idea of composing the board in this way is a board initiative. As present board members of EuroFM, we have noticed the importance of team work. Even though we are all individuals, working as a team in a non-profit, voluntary network is essential. Our proposal to the members is based on our experience working together as a board and as a team. As member for the past eight years and as a chair I have experienced a lot of lost energy that was put into internal politics and struggles. As present board, we know very well our individual substance areas, our different personalities and skills. Some of us have known each other even longer than these two past years in the EuroFM board. It may be beneficial for the EuroFM members to consider the team aspect for the next board, since in this way they all know with whom they will be working together. They already know each other, there is mutual trust between them and they don´t have “to invent the bicycle” again. The base for effective and value-adding work in the board has already been established in that team.

So, I hope you can consider this proposal as an opportunity for you as a member to look at the presented candidates not only as individuals but also as a team. It is completely up to the members of EuroFM to decide, how they want to select the board members. The present board is happy to have whatever types of discussions concerning before you as a EuroFM member make your final decision who to vote on. As already noticed, there are lots of different voices in the FM community. It is challenging to hear all these voices. For a network association it is an opportunity to listen to many versatile voices in the community. For the future of EuroFM it is very important and beneficial being open and having a lively discussion with one and another. For future governance it means a challenge to be part of such an organisation.

From this perspective the board has decided to present the next seven candidates on an individual base. Also giving you the information that there is an interdependence between these candidacies. In this formation these presented candidates consider themselves ready to work as a good and balanced team:

Chair: Pekka Matvejeff (2nd term- ENG chair to chair)
Vice chair: Goran Milanov, (2nd- term vice chair)
Treasurer / Secretary: Scott Newland (new, 1st term)
RNG: Susanne Balslev Nielsen (2nd term- RNG chair) 
ENG: Olga van Diermen, (new, 1st term)
CANG: Mauro Rabolini, (2nd term- CANG chair)
PNG: Renske van der Heide, first term, elected June 2016 (Not up to election)

Last modified on 16 Sep 2016