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New initiatives on the horizon!

17 Jun,2016

As we all saw and heard in Milan, we have now a new, enthusiastic and energetic conference organizer. Knowing David Martinez, we will not be lacking innovative new ideas for the development of the upcoming EFMC:s. We also agreed (and made a promise) that students will be in focus when developing the format of EFMC.

We have an excellent opportunity to roll out some ideas already in our September meeting in Madrid, when we have our members meeting jointly with the CIFMers conference.

Here are two initiatives, to be piloted in September. The idea is to be a win-win, and also “add tangible value” to the university members of EuroFM. This proposal has a cost effect for the university organization but on the other hand, it is an investment for the future. These ideas are for both Masters and Bachelor students.



One boy and one girl per university (only members of EuroFM), are selected to help with the promotion of the congress among students in their universities, download the APP, promote the study trips, etc.
The candidates will send a short essay (around 1000 words) on how to make CIFMers more modern and how to move it in the networks, new ideas for the congress, how to help with the organization, etc.
Timing: If Universities send the information of the competition by the end of June, David´s organization will finish the selection by mid-July. CIFM will use the email address: 
-          2 days of accommodation in Madrid
-          full passes for the conference
-          participation on the FM Games
Read more here.
Five (5) students from each university (only members of EuroFM), get a full pass for the conference. The universities select them, and pass the names to CIFMers.
University must disclose the evaluation method (best marks, best projects, etc.) to guarantee a clean and open process.
As stated earlier, these 2 initiatives will be tested in September in our joint meeting with the CIFMers, which gives us some time to develop the concepts for the 2017 EFMC based on our September experiences.
In both initiatives universities should invest their share in order to increase attractiveness to these ideas. In the first initiative it means considering to support financially the travel costs for the student. In the second initiative it is about covering (at least partly) both the travel and accommodation costs. It is also possible that university gives an assignment to selected students for the September meeting/2017 EFMC, which is integrated to their studies and creates credits (ects) to them.
I now ask you to consider these initiatives, decide on your ways of supporting the students and start recruiting them immediately. We know that the time frame is demanding, because our semesters have either ended or ending soon. However, I hope that you could put some extra effort into this student recruiting and inform me and David´s organization as soon as possible about your interests. It would also be nice, if you could share your ways of supporting your students, so we can share the best practices in the network.
For more information please contact the EuroFM team.
Last modified on 17 Jun,2016