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Change of the EuroFM constitution is a fact

13 Jun,2016

Since some time it has been brought to the attention of the board that a period of two years sometimes is too short to work yourself in to all the ins and outs of EuroFM board issues on the agenda. To avoid a brain drain of experience and to ensure business continuity on various projects, this year, the EuroFM board has proposed a change of the constitution. The proposal was simply to make it possible that also network group chairs can run for a second term of two years.



Such a change of the constitution requires during a GMM two times a positive voting result
(a majority of 2/3 of the present members) at two meetings held within the period of five months. The first voting during the GMM in Stuttgart February 19th 2016 turned out positive. Now the second and definitive voting held during the special GMM in Milan has also led to a positive outcome. The change of the constitution according to the proposal forwarded to the members then as of today is a fact. The chairs of the EuroFM network groups will be able to run for a second term!



By the end of this year the chairs of the CANG, ENG and RNG will have reached the end of their term. In the members meeting in Madrid in September 2016, new chairs for these positions will need to be chosen. Anyone who feels attracted to do this job is welcomed to apply! Please contact the EuroFM team for more information.

Last modified on 13 Jun,2016