New elected EuroFM board member and chair of the PNG: Renske van der Heide

13 Jun 2016

New elected EuroFM board member and chair of the PNG: Renske van der Heide!


On the EuroFM Members Meeting June 9th 2016 during the EFMC in Milan the EuroFM members elected Renske van der Heide for the new chair of the Practitioners Networking Group (PNG). As chair of the PNG she is elected EuroFM board member for the term mid-2016 till mid-2018.


As a newcomer and candidate for this position alongside Karin Schaad who also proposed candidate
-after the members voted in favour of the change of the constitution making it possible for network group chairs to run for a second term- Renske came out as the favourite.


Renske van der Heide is from the Netherlands and works at TOPdesk for over ten years. She has held various positions, including that of facility consultant and team leader consultancy. At the moment she works on the development of Worcade, a collaboration platform to better communicate with suppliers. Renske is also chair of the Expert Technology Facility Management Netherlands (FMN), which examines the impact of trends such as Big Data and the Internet-of-Things.


As a PNG chair the coming years Renske wants to work to close the gap between the education (ENG) and research (RNG) network groups and the practice (PNG) network group. Her aim is to bring the PNG to the next level representing the practitioners all over Europe. She also wants to strengthen the links with the various national FM associations and explore how these associations jointly can contribute to a stronger EuroFM enhancing facility management in Europe. "I look forward to bring all these motivated and enthusiastic people together," thus Renske van der Heide, new board member EuroFM!


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