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25 Feb 2016


Special message! From the chair to the members:



Dear EuroFM members,

I thank the representatives of the EuroFM member organizations for being present at the last General Members Meeting (GMM) in Stuttgart! In this meeting there was an important issue raised and discussed, namely, the rota of retirement of the board members.

The shift of the board members according to the provisions in the constitution has repeatedly led to inefficiencies in matter of the rota of retirement. The EuroFM board now at the General Members Meeting in Stuttgart has proposed a change of the EuroFM constitution. This proposal is of urgency regarding the upcoming vacant board positions in 2016. Therefore the coming time this proposal will be communicated to all EuroFM members, especially the ones not present at the GMM in Stuttgart. I now ask you kindly to carefully read this exclusive newsletter.

Status Rota of retirement 2016
Chair and Treasurer/ Secretary
According to the constitution, the chair and the treasurer/ secretary have reached their maximum term by the end of 2016. As clearly stated in the constitution this maximum term is four years. However, the maximum term was already, with approval of the GMM, extended to a five year period, for both the chair and the treasurer/ secretary. This resulted in the chair and treasurer NOT being able to run for another term.

For that reason I urgently call for members to step forward and candidate themselves for these two positions. This can be done by contacting me, the chair, Ron van der Weerd, for an informative talk. Please be encouraged to step forward and take this opportunity to make a difference for the advancement of Facility Management in Europe. Candidate yourself as early as you can to prepare thoroughly, as the elections will be during the GMM in Madrid, 28-30 September 2016. The official hand over of the positions of the chair and treasurer/ secretary will take place before the first of January 2017.
Vice chair
The vice chair is eligible to run for a second term, but as always this position is also open for other members who would like to run for this position. In addition, the current vice chair may officially also run for the position of the chair.
Chairs of the network groups
By June 2016 the PNG chair has reached the end of her two-year term. Therefore, on June 9th 2016, at 8:00-9:00AM, an additional GMM in Milan will be held to elect the new PNG chair and approve the proposal of change of the constitution (read more below) made by the EuroFM board.

By the end of this year the chairs of the CANG, ENG and RNG will have also reached the end of their term. In the members meeting in Madrid in September 2016, new chairs for these positions will need to be chosen.

For this reason, it has consequently been brought to the attention of the board that a period of two years sometimes is too short to work yourself in to all the ins and outs of EuroFM board issues on the agenda. To avoid a brain drain of experience and to ensure business continuity on various projects, the EuroFM board has proposed a change of the constitution. The proposal is simply to make it possible that also network group chairs can run for a second term of two years. Which now is not possible. This requires during a GMM two times a positive voting result (a majority of 2/3 of the present members) at two meetings held within the period of five months. The first voting during the GMM in Stuttgart February 19th 2016 turned out positive. The next and definitive voting will be held during the special GMM in Milan this coming June. A positive outcome in favor of changing the constitution makes it possible for the current network group chairs to be re-eligible for another term. PNG, ENG and CANG chairs have already announced that in that case they are in for another term. The RNG chair will decide about this later in consideration with the RNG members.

Status summary


-Chair and Treasurer/ Secretary: Vacant positions at the end of this year (2016) since the term has ended and the current chair and treasurer/ secretary cannot run for another term; application open for candidates’ election in Madrid, September this year (2016);


-Vice Chair: Vacant position at the end of this year (2016); present vice chair will be re-eligible for another term; application also open for other candidates; election in Madrid, September this year (2016);


-Chair PNG: Application open; election position in June 2016; (if constitution change is approved in June the present chair will run for another term);  


-Chair ENG, RNG, CANG: Vacant positions at the end of this year; (if constitution change is approved in June the present chairs ENG, CANG will run for another term, RNG chair will decide later whether to apply); elections in Madrid, September 2016.

Change of the constitution

A change of the constitution requires two times a positive outcome of a voting during the GMM (a majority of 2/3 of the present members). Two different GMM within a period of five months will be held. February 19th 2016 during the GMM in Stuttgart the first voting led to a positive outcome. Coming June 9th 2016 a second positive outcome of the voting will lead to the change of the constitution according to the proposal forwarded to the members.

All members again are invited to vote coming June 9th 2016. Since voting is permitted only once per GMM those who voted in Stuttgart are obliged to vote again in Milan in order to also validate their vote during the second GMM. This can be done, of course, by being present at the GMM or send in your vote by proxy. I appreciate your involvement!

Proposed text change EuroFM constitution


-Present text Article 12 under 2.b:


Each member of the board, not being a member of the executive board, shall retire at the latest two years after his appointment according to a rota of retirement. The retiring member shall not be re-eligible.


-Proposed text change Article 12 under 2.b:


Each member of the board, not being a member of the executive board, shall retire at the latest two years after his appointment according to a rota of retirement. The retiring member is re-eligible for one more term of two years.

Come and visit us at the next GMM


I hope to see many members at the EFMC 2016, 8-9 June Milan, Italy, at the EuroFM GMM to vote in favor for this change of the constitution as proposed by the EuroFM board.


EuroFM is on the move, growing, alive and kicking and working on a sustainable and stabile future, so that we can work together on our one main goal: enhancing the FM profession by connecting Practice, Research and Education.


Yours sincerely,


Ron van der Weerd


Chair EuroFM


Last modified on 13 Jun 2016