Participate in IFMA’s Global Job Task Analysis!

12 Jan 2016

IFMA’s Global Job Task Analysis (GJTA) is a landmark initiative to thoroughly define the practice of facility management. GJTA results will provide the basis for the profession’s body of knowledge.



You can be a part of identifying and validating the tasks and knowledge of competent FM performance by taking IFMA’s GJTA survey. Survey closes on Feb. 9, 2016, the survey should take less than an hour to complete.



Click here to take IFMA’s survey — the success of this initiative is dependent upon worldwide participation by practicing facility managers.



Your survey responses will provide a better understanding of unique regional and industry-specific FM concerns and demands; and clarify commonalities at a strategic level, ensuring that the definition of FM reflects what you do, so you may be measured on how well you do it.



For more information please click here

Last modified on 12 Jan 2016