Recap: FM in Airports conference

30 Nov 2015

No matter what kind of business you have, added value helps to gain competitive advantage. FM is no exception. In fact this is anchored even more for the FM industry. As FM is an industry whereby it is essential to continuously explore new markets, new ways of achieving their goals, which involves contributing heavily towards the added value of an organization core business. The ultimate challenge for a facility manager of the future is to create a connection of space and infrastructure on the human being and organization. FM has evolved into more than just changing a light bulb, sweeping and cleaning. It has blossomed to a support mechanism of which organizations of today cannot do without.FM can be defined broadly as a function that consists of numerous managerial activities. More recently, FM is considered to be an integrated approach to operating, maintaining, improving and adapting the buildings and infrastructure of an organization, to ensure that the built environment supports the primary objectives of the host organisation. This is also different from airports. We have learnt from the inspiring conference FM in airports that FM functions focus on planning and act as a coordinating and perhaps can be classified as Airport facilities management, which is being delivered through collaboration with airports, through forming networks and strategic alliances.


Ron van der Weerd represented the EuroFM network with an introductory and stimulating message for aviation-like organization to join forces with the group which advances the FM profession in Europe.


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