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EUROFM research portal

EuroFM Research Portal


Advancing Knowledge in Facilities Management


The research portal has been initiated and developed by the Research Network Group (RNG), a working group of the European Facility Management Network (EuroFM). The network addresses the vision of EuroFM to ‘advance of knowledge in Facility Management in Europe and its application in practice, education and research, in order to communicate best practice through Europe.’ RNG supports, promotes and sponsors scientific publication to international standards to encourage members to actively contribute the network.


Open access publishing mandate


EuroFM expects that the full text of all published research papers and conference proceedings arising from EuroFM sponsored work should be deposited in an open access institutional repository, or if that isn't available, on the ResearchGate database. The research portal provides the first step in the process and initially holds the copyright until releasing it to the authors host organisation at the earliest opportunity.


EuroFM publishing platform


EuroFM Research Papers is the recognised vehicle for scientific publication, including journal articles, conference papers and technical reports. All papers are refereed by a standing panel of leading, well qualified senior researchers and selected in a two phase process using explicit criteria for originality, relevance, communication, contribution and overall quality. The review panel undertake a double-blind review of all abstracts and papers. Members of the EuroFM research network, respond to calls for papers that reflect an agreed research agenda published annually. The call for papers is open to all those who are active in research in Facilities Management: senior researchers, practitioners, educationalists and post-graduate students. Research papers are expected to address the unique mission of EuroFM by clearly showing the implications of research findings to practice and education in the field. Three main research themes currently underpin the EuroFM agenda for research, added value of FM, sustainability in FM and FM innovation, and provide a framework for the EuroFM research programme. It is important to stress the important role that FM plays in promoting effectiveness in organisations of all kinds. FM provides essential benefits and positive impacts of importance for both the primary activities of organisations, and for all stakeholders and society.



EuroFM Research Papers 2015 is the first of the open access publications and heralds a new era for EuroFM. Providing free access to the output of research collaboration amongst the European network promises to open new opportunities for engagement with practice, education and communities to strengthen its quality and relevance.

As a condition of publication, all authors commit to presenting their research at EuroFM research workshops and the annual Research Symposium.