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Our online quarterly newsletter started in 2006 and renewed and converted in 2017 into a magazine. It has proven to be a huge success. It is a holistic publication with information that is relevant to facility management researchers, educators and market practitioners at European level.

The eFMinsight is published by EuroFM. It brings articles, columns and insights shining a light on FM from a personal and unique perpective. It presents the international scope of FM by contributions from authors from all over the world. 

The eFMinsight magazine connects professionals from national markets to readers across the world. This makes the magazine attractive for authors and advertisers. (Contact: team@office-eurofm.org for more info)

Summing up the quantity of readers of all the magazines plus the quantity of members of EuroFM members explains the estimated 65.000 readers of eFMinsight could be a reliable number. As a reader you will be able to download all issues. See section Quaterly editions.