EuroFM is the organization which represents the European Facility Management (FM) in education, research and practice. Currently about 100 organizations are part of the EuroFM network. The strength of this association lies in the combination of developing and sharing knowledge and experience between the different types of members.

The EuroFM platform organization brings educators, researchers and practitioners in the field of FM together. By joining this network group, you can support the aim of EuroFM to bring forward the FM profession, share best practice, and enhance the advancement of knowledge of FM in Europe.

Membership benefits: reasons why you should become a member.

1. Representing the FM profession on a European scale
2. European FM wide networking opportunities
3. High level of research, education and practice contacts
4. Annual EuroFM Meetings Members Meetings
5. Knowledge sharing with FM professionals
6. Receive the quarterly magazine European FM insight and the EuroFM newsletter
7. Promote your organization on the EuroFM media platforms
8. Reduced entrance fee European Facility Management Conference
9. Certify your site managers in Europe


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Outcome change membership fee

The EuroFM board has proposed to the members to change the EuroFM contribution fee.     The convocation for the General Members Meeting was 16 December 2016. 

As already announced earlier this year EuroFM has been looking to change its contribution fee system.  EuroFM is better served with a system that is simple and clear. A fee system that should also not be like a (financial) threshold. A clear system, with reasonable contribution fees makes it more attractive for organizations to become a EuroFM member. It also actually opened up for small companies and foreign associations to become more deeply involved with the association. The outcome of the voting by the members regarding the proposal to change the EuroFM contribution fee shows a big majority in favour of the proposal.

Log in to read the minutes of the digital Members Meeting (81) on this page.

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Can I become a member?

Members of EuroFM can be European legal entities, national associations, research and educational institutes -both of a public law nature and a private law nature- active in the field of Facility Management.

Per 2017 EuroFM also offers the possibilty to become a member for small FM organizations and non-European associations.

EuroFM membership registration runs per calendar year and will automatically be extended if notification of termination of membership is not received by email before the start of the following calendar year.

For more information about the membership fees please contact us via email

If your organization is interested in becoming a EuroFM Affiliate please contact us.

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*Please note that if you are a national association please email Team EuroFM with the amount of members you have. In order to receive the right fee for your membership.


For more information about the membership fees please contact us via email at