About EuroFM

EuroFM is the European FM platform organization that brings educators, researchers and practitioners in the field of Facility Management together. EuroFM as the FM network association has its members situated in 23 different countries in Europe from research institutes to universities, service providers and national FM related associations. The aim is to bring forward the FM profession and to come to a better mutual understanding by learning and sharing FM knowledge.

EuroFM is a member association. As an organization, EuroFM harbours different types of membership. These varies within the three pillars of EuroFM, namely: Research, Education, Practice and Corporates. The General Members Meeting (GMM) represents the highest body in the organization. The GMM appoints the board by periodical elections. Please read more in the EuroFM constitution.

In 2015 it will be 28 years since facility management set foot in Europe. Driven by the integration of people, place and process; facility management developed from a single service orientation to an integrated business services model delivering a new world of work in the built environment.

As with most new professions we also have experienced the ups and downs over the years but as we mature we are experiencing a new era of opportunity. Being a European association growth is always strongly influenced by national sentiments and the focal points of European politicians and policy makers.

EuroFM strives to advance the next 25 years of FM in terms as the representative and facilitator of the European facility management sector.


EuroFM will continue to offer:

  • Promote FM across Europe.
  • Adding value to our members.
  • Dissemination of knowledge and information.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities to share best practice.

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In 1987 the first exploratory meeting to create a European FM network was hosted by Mr. Bart Bleker in The Netherlands. He helped develop the association till 1990. In 1993 the European Facility Management Network was officially registered by NEFMA, the Dutch FM association now called FMN, the Danish FM association DFM and the British Centre for Facilities Management led by professor Keith Alexander. The CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction) had helped develop and found the association. The diversity of the founders explains the focus on Education, Research and Practice. Mr. Bart Bleker was the first informal chairman of the network from 1987 to 1990 before Professor Keith Alexander took over and formally chaired the association from 1993 till 2000. The other members of the first board were Mr. Bert Zwikker, Mr. Kjeld Nielsen and Mr. Geoffrey Gidley. Lionel Prodgers was chairman till 2004. Spanish Jose Luis Garcia Cuartero chaired the network from 2005 till 2007 and introduced the europeanFMInsight magazine. Austrian Albert Pilger chaired the association till 2010. Currently Ron van der Weerd chairs EuroFM Network.

Many joined the 'EuroFM project'. Olav Saboe, Svein Bjorberg, Paul Stadloder, Dries van Wagenberg, Walter Moslener, Jan Ake Granath, Michael May, Tore Haugen, Ole Emil Malmstrom, Wim Pullen, Tom Markus, Francois Lautier, Helena Ohlsson, Margaret Nelson, Gordon McMillan, Michael Munday, Frans van Eijnatten, Robert Wahlen, Markus Aschauer, Joszef Czerny, Ondrej Strup, Ruud van Wezel, Kari Levainen, Marie-Cecile Puybareaud, Thomas Wehrmuller, Rients Jorna, Kunibert Lennaerts, Silvano Curcio, Piet DeBacker, Berit Tyldum, Mehmet Caliskan, Hans De Jonge, Suvi Nenonen, Bev Nutt, Sir Antony Walker, Albert Pilger, David Ernest, Friedrich Quentin, Balasz Barts, Herman vande Putte, Stan Mitchell, Reinhold Wischhof, Ian Fielder, Francine Schumacher, Bernard Williams, Wim Bakens, Fred Kloet, Alexander Redlein, Phil Roberts, Wim Kooyman, Bert Zwikker, Hans Braat, Dave Wilson, Alistair Edie, Wayne Tantrum and Kauko Tulla and many others helped push the development of facility management in Europe.



From 1993 till 2002 each one of the 27 European national FM markets developed in its own pace and direction. In some countries facility management was started by real estate or maintenance professionals. In other countries the focus was more on services. IFMA helped develop the European FM market by founding national IFMA chapters and organizing the World Workplace Europe conference in collaboration with EuroFM. Several countries also founded a Centre for Facility Management or developed a faculty for FM at universities. On the websites of our members you can read more about the history of facility management in their country. 


In the first 25 years EuroFM developed from a small network organization to the European representative of workspace facilities and services. In those first 25 years EuroFM focused on:


  • grouping organizations of facility management experts existing in different countries and individual facility management experts, into a European network
  • to promote the establishment of such organizations in countries where such do not exist
  • to promote the inter-relationship of participating associations
  • to promote mutual hospitality between participating associations and the members thereof
  • to encourage and promote (international) symposia, conferences, information meetings and business meetings on facility management and related fields
  • to encourage and promote any other activities that may contribute to the objectives of the association


Today the association focuses on:


  1. Promoting FM across Europe
  2. Adding value to our members
  3. Financial Stability
  4. Dissemination of knowledge and information
  5. To facilitate networking opportunities to share best practice


The mission of EuroFM is:


the advancement of knowledge in Facility Management in Europe and its application in Practice, Education and Research.


At the start of 2011 the EuroFM association represented 100 organizations working in the € 650 billion large European FM sector. Our sector is the largest European Business Services market, the second largest European sector (5-8% of GDP) and the largest FM market in the world. January 2011 sixteen organizations were Corporate Associates (clients and service providers) representing € 110 billion turnover and 1.300.000 staff. 23 were  national associations representing 22.000 members. The university and educational members represent 14.000 students. The members are based in 23 European countries. Our newsletter is read by 65.000 people around the globe. The open network of professionals, academics, educationalists, practitioners and researchers generates a rich mix of activity. EuroFM projects and activities are initiated by four groups:


  • the Practice Network Group
  • the Education Network Group
  • the Research Network Group
  • the Corporate Associates Group


These groups form the core of EuroFM. The EuroFM members are involved in an open exchange of information and experience through meetings, seminars and workshops, through collaboration in research projects, sometimes funded by EC, and through the development of joint educational programmes. Proceedings of these activities are disseminated through the association via the EuroFM website, an annual conference, EuroFM meetings hosted by members and through newsletters, research papers and publications.