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EuroFM Research Symposium

Organized by: EuroFM


The EuroFM Research Symposium is arranged for the 20th time this June. The first day focuses on ‘making work work’ including a keynote by Peggie Rothe from Leesman (’A new workplace experience landscape’) , 6 research papers and student videos.

The second day focuses on learning and evolving aspects of FM including also launching of the book series entitled ‘Transdisciplinary Workplace Research & Management’ edited by Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek and Vitalija Danivska. All the members of the EuroFM network are warmly welcome to join the open science symposium for one or two days!

Day 1: 16 June 2021
All timing in CEST

14.00Welcome by Pieter C. le Roux and Tuuli Jylhä
Keynote: A new workplace experience landscape – Peggie Rothe, Chief Insights & Research Officer Leesman
14.35Break with videos from the EuroFM Student Festival
14.45Session 1: Making work work 1
Chair: Brenda Groen, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

‘The influence of the physical home work environment on perceived productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic’
Monique H. Arkesteijn , Sylvia J.T. Jansen, Bernice B.T. Kieft, Rianne A.J.A. Appel-Meulenbroek, Bartele S. Hoekstra, and Pity Jongens-van der Schaaf

‘Analysing perceived communication and productivity of different office workers while working fully from home due to COVID-19 restrictions’
Minou Weijs-Perrée , Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Jeroen Looijen, Bartele S. Hoekstra, and Pity Jongens-van der Schaaf

‘Expected user needs towards the post-Covid office: better support of social interactions and concentration’
Susanne Colenberg and David Keyson
15.45Break with videos from the EuroFM Student Festival
16.00Session 2: Making work work 2
Chair: Wim Pullen, Center for People and Buildings

‘Post-pandemic adaptive university campus management’
Suvi Nenonen and Vitalija Danivska

‘Satisfaction with open plan offices: personality, age and gender as human factors’
Samin Marzban , Christhina Candido and Ozgur Gocer

‘Distributed Academic Workplace and Community – towards a coherent campus within a city’
Jenni Poutanen , Marianna Kotilainen, Satu Hyökki, Liisa Urrila, and Suvi Nenonen
17.00Closing of Day 1 by Tuuli Jylhä
Until 18.00Online Borrel

Day 2: 17 June 2021
All timing in CEST

14.00Welcome by Tuuli Jylhä

New open-access book seriesL Transdisciplinary Workplace Research & Management
Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek and Vitalija Danivska
14.20Session 3: Evolving FM
Chair: Toyin Aderiye, Sheffield Hallam University

‘The use of Key Performance Indicators in Real Estate Management – A stocktaking along the CREM maturity level’
Torben Bernhold and Niklas Wiesweg

‘Addressing the mismatch: Promoting adaptability within the office real estate sector’
Ioannis Mexis and Hilde Remøy

‘Awareness and Use of BIM for FM: Empirical Evidence from Turkey’
Ecem Tezel, Levent Alatli, and Heyecan Giritli
15.20Break with videos from the EuroFM Student Festival
15.30Session 4: Learning about FM and FM supporting learning
Chair: Carmel Lindkvist, NTNU

‘Back to School – the Impact of Short Timeframe Student Case Studies on Projects and Educational Programs in the Context of Urban FM’
Dave Collins , Coline Senior, Alenka Temeljotov-Salaj, Rachel Kuijlenburg, and Pieter C. le Roux

‘Problem-based learning for the teaching of FM skills: results of a practical use’
Alexander Redlein, Lisa Thrainer, and Christian Lau

‘Implementation of Digital and Physical Learning Environment to 21st century skills – Case Escape Room in University of Eastern Finland ‘
Ville Tahvanainen, Tarja Harjula, and Suvi Nenonen
16.30Best Paper Award Presentation
17.00Closing by Tuuli Jylhä
Until 18.00Online Borrel

Additional information

  • Registration for this online event is free of charge and open to both EuroFM Members and Non-Members. Click on the 'Book Now' button on this page to register.
  • After registration you will receive a link to join the EuroFM Research Symposium on 16 June. On 17 June all registered participants will receive a NEW link to join the event that day.
  • All timing is in CEST.


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