The LOOF Concept

LOOF brings a new mindset to the FM Community. The fundamental goal of LOOF Project is to develop a community, capable of connecting people, opportunities and international internships aligned with current and future challenges of the industry.

Source of Knowledge

Opportunities rise from the exchange

Students will have direct access to professionals in a variety of areas, bringing useful information that wouldn’t be available for them if they are not part of those professional communities. With direct access to students and professionals, companies can get in touch with them directly to gain insights about the programs and incentives.

Richer Discussions

Teachers can enrich discussions around it subjects bringing conversations from the LOOF to the classes and enhancing talks with their knowledge. Researchers bring the scientific data to the discussion and have the role, together with universities, to elevate the FM as a science.

And Opportunities

LOOF offers controlled access for stakeholders to member institutions and organizations at the highest level. FM associations will be able to promote opportunities on a daily basis to further the improvement of the industry. LOOF brings together business intelligence from global specialists in a systemic way to improve the knowledge base across the platform.

Our Stakeholders

The LOOF project connects a variety of stakeholders in an ongoing conversation and exchange of information regarding opportunities. LOOF brings a different view of the cause, “The New FM Mindset” to each group of stakeholders.” It is essential that each Stakeholder understands their role in the process in order to contribute to the whole project.

Students & Alumni

From Freshman to Senior and Alumni, students bring new questions and carry the challenges that the FM Community will face in next generation of professionals.

Universities & Teachers

Universities bring the Academic Knowledge to the discussion and interdisciplinary conversations among its users.

FM Associations

FM Associations have the role to promote the FM Mindset in more significant conversations and to bring significant opportunities back to the community.

Companies & Practitioners

Companies & Practitioners must show they care about the new generations and that they have an active voice in the FM Community and Practice.

Research Centers & Researchers

Researchers bring the scientific data to the discussion and have the role, together with universities, to elevate the FM as a science.

A Community with lots of opportunities to share

LOOF will be a ongoing project, getting more features over time. The LOOF starts bringing together the persons behind the FM practice, from Students to FM Associations, altogether in the same goal.

The Community will be their space to give a voice to the FM Practice.

Each member will have a profile of its own, capable of holding informations about its activities, opportunities and interests. The goal is to give a human perspective behind titles and institutions.

The LOOF is a invitation to a more personal approach to the FM Industry.