Navigating turbulent times

Join IWFM and a variety of expert guests for their new fortnightly webinar series, ‘Navigating turbulent times’, where they delve into today’s greatest challenges, tackle your questions and concerns, and help our profession navigate through these stormy waters.

‘Navigating turbulent times’ episode four: ‘Net zero and sustainability in a post-COVID world’

Join IWFM and their International SIG live at 12pm, Wednesday 13 May, for the next episode of ‘Navigating turbulent times’ as their expert panel discusses ‘Net zero and sustainability in a post-COVID world’ and answers your sustainability-related questions.

Commentators tell us that COVID-19 will herald a ‘new normal’. What does the sustainability agenda look like in the post-pandemic era? What does this mean for our profession, and the industry that supports it?

Almost all facilities and office managers in the UK already take responsibility for sustainability (according to the Sustainability Survey 2018, two thirds of our members see it as extremely important to their role). Will the role of workplace and facilities be enhanced or diminished by this experience?

Workplace Trends London 2019

This pitch-free, intellectual conference examines in depth new ways of working and emerging trends in the workplace. The event explores how workplace design, productivity and operation evolve in demanding times, with such changes and pressures as advances in technology, changes in socio-demographics and attitude to work, social media, agile/flexible working, and more.