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New Board EuroFM

January 26, 2023

Dear EuroFM members & Ambassadors,

It is with humble joy we announce the new EuroFM Board. They will take over the reins from the former Board. In recognition of their tremendous efforts, we want to thank the former Board for their dedication to the cause of EuroFM.

During the special GMM which was held on 25January, the new board was introduced to the EuroFM Members and Ambassadors. Main topic was the proposal for the distribution of the various roles and responsibilities amongst the Board members, which is approved as followed:

Natalie Hofman – Chair EuroFM
Vitalija Danivska –Association Chair
Tuuli Jylhä –Research Chair
Laurens Lamberts –Education Chair
Levent Alatli –Business Chair

So how does EuroFM move forward?

In the upcoming weeks the new Board will get together to define our strategy, which will include, but is not limited to:

  1. Setting priorities for the next 2 years;
  2. Identifying, consolidating and grouping relevant themes and focus areas;
  3. Defining deliverables and appointing ownership on the Board;
  4. Strengthening membership and association participation in EuroFM

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