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EuroFM International Autumn School FM 2022

October 31, 2022

From the 17th until the 21st of October 2022, the 11th international week organised by the Facility Management department of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences took place in Heerlen.
Also, this year, the organization was strengthened by a close cooperation with the EuroFM association with great success. More than 130 students from Germany, Austria, Belgium, and The Netherlands participated during this EuroFM international Autumn School Facility Management which was conducted exclusively on location in Heerlen (NL).

Students were challenged to get out of their comfort zones by communicating in English within their project groups. Before the international week’s launch, these groups contacted each other in order to get acquainted as well as to start exchanging ideas about their own ideal workplace.
During the international week, the students were charged with creating the work environment of the future. The Dutch Tax Authorities (de Belastingdienst) challenged the students to come up with their ideas for a persona of their choice. Aided by a workshop around creative methods, the students came up with three brilliant ideas and presented them in front of the coaches through an elevator pitch. Using a persona and the Business Model Canvas, the ideas were further developed into a concept and turned into a poster and video.

The students completed their assignments with great success! The members of the jury, comprised of teachers representing various participating schools and board members from both EuroFM as well as the Belastingdienst, felt inspired by the students’ results and elected the three best presentations. The members of the winning team were invited to visit the World Workplace Europe in Rotterdam on the 22nd and 23rd of March in 2023 and took home a certificate for € 1000,- in order to facilitate their travelling and lodging costs during this visit.

Quotes from students and contractor

“It was great to get together with so many students of different countries and backgrounds. Working together as one group for one goal, each of us bringing their talents and then the effort getting awarded with the win was special.”

Eva Marksteiner, student Fachhochschule Kufstein Tirol Bildungs

“Our strength lies in working smarter, not working harder.”

Lieke Krotje, student Zuyd Hogeschool in Heerlen

“The EuroFM International Autumn School Zuyd University allowed us to work with the future generation and see and feel how they look at and think about their future work environment, to discover what is important for them and which aspects require special attention. It has proven inspiring and useful for our organisation.”

Thijs Vrijsen en Renée Braken, Hybride Werken Belastingdienst (contractor)

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