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Companion Proceedings of EFMIC 2020

September 15, 2020

Download the individual papers of the companion proceedings of the European Facility Management International Conference 2020 on this page.

The idea for this companion proceedings was kicked-off by the recognition of Prof. Mark Mobach and his team when they were awarded in November 2019 the ‘Delta Prize’, a leading practice-oriented research prize handed by Ingrid van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, in their home country, The Netherlands.

This companion proceedings consists of 16 short papers divided into 4 themes:
– Insight to Campus Design
– Healthcare Facilities – A Patient View
– Aspects on Healthy Working and Living
– Facility Design in the Context of Society
All papers are structured in the format of extended abstracts.

New papers will be posted daily until 1 October. On this date all papers will be presented during the 4th EuroFM Stay Connected Session. More information can be found here.

Theme 1 – Insight to Campus Design:
Henk Brink – The Influence of Indoor Environmental Quality on Perceived Quality of Learnings in Classrooms for Higher Education

Sascha Jansz – How to Measure Campus Interactions

Johan Offringa – Living in a Pod: The Impact of Tiny Spaces on a Dutch University Campus

Theme 2 – Healthcare Facilities – A Patient View
Ria Martens – Facilities for Palliative Care: Patterns and Contracts

Saskia Mars – Clinic Redesign with the Patient in Context