Editorial Board

The Editorial Board makes all decisions regarding the content of the eFMI.

Criteria for selection of articles are:


A. Priorities in order of importance:

  1. Best quality FM information
  2. Country diversification
  3. Source diversification


Articles will have no commercial content.

Original article publication date will not exceed 1 year from publication time at eFMI.

For monthly publications, original publication date should not exceed 6 months.


B. The sources of the content selected should reflect:

  1. Registered Publication Partners
  2. Articles commissioned by the Editorial Board
  3. Articles officially recommended by a EuroFM member approved by the Editorial Board
  4. Research and Education articles will be selected from existing specialised market sources

Each member of the editorial board is responsible for a geographical zone. These are the members and the zones they are responsible for:

  • Karen Weeks, zone 1: United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Sandy Brouwer, zone 2: The Netherlands
  • Sonia Bogner, zone 3: Belgium, France and Luxembourg
  • Albert Pilger, zone 4: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Viera Somorov√°, zone 5: Czech Republic, Slovakia,Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria + Baltic States
  • Olav Saeboe, zone 6: Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland
  • Roberto Perotta, zone 7: Italy, Spain and Portugal
  • Andrea Sanchez, zone 8: South-Africa, Unites States of America, Japan, Brasil and Australia
  • Pieter le Roux: Research Knowledge Area
  • Pekka Matvejeff : Education Knowledge Area
  • Karen Schaad: Practise Knowledge Area

Ad-hoc members of the editorial board:

  • Margaret Nelson: Research
  • Thomas Wehrmuller: Education