Our online quarterly newsletter started in 2006. It has proven to be a huge success. It is a holistic publication with information that is relevant to facility management researchers, educators and market practitioners at European level.

The eFM Insight is published by EuroFM. The simple fact EuroFM selects and translates valuable information from any languages to English forms one of the keys of its attractiveness. Another important driver is the publication partnership agreement with publishers from around the world. On one hand they deliver content to EuroFM who translates their content to the global market while profiling their magazines.

On the other hand the eFMInsight newsletter connects the professionals from national markets of the magazines to readers across the world. This makes the publication partner magazine attractive for writers and advertisers. (Contact our Advertisement Partner for more info.)

EuroFM has commissioned international language consultants McFelder Translations from the start of the project in 2006 to manage the newsletter production, co-ordination of the article selection, translation of the articles and content into English as well as the magazine typesetting.

Summing up the quantity of readers of all the magazines plus the quantity of members of EuroFM members explains the estimated 65.000 readers of eFM Insight could be a reliable number. As a member you will be able to download all issues. See section Quaterly editions.