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Latest news

My believe in EuroFM - Ron van der Weerd

"My believe in EuroFM - letter to the EuroFM members by Ron van der Weerd, Chair of EuroFMAfter five years of chairmanship (2012-2016) Looking back at an allover successful EFMC 2016 in Milan and thinkin"

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EuroFM Summer School 2016

"Students at EuroFM Summer School 2016: “A new perspective on facility management” The EuroFM Summer School was hosted by Laurea UAS and it brought together students from nine European universities. For "

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Board elections 2017-2018

"During the next General Members Meeting in Madrid September 30th 2016 the board for the next term will be appointed by the members. Nominees are requested to send in their application for the position they fe"

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Call for research papers EFMC 2017: Consolidating the global scope for facilities management

"We call out to all researchers to take part in the next upcoming research symposium at the EFMC 2017 in Madrid. Submission of abstracts for EFMC2017 in Madrid, Spain the 26-27 April 2017 is now open. Th"

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EuroFM Members Meeting Madrid - Program out now!

"EuroFM is happy to collaborate with the CIFMers organization in order to organize the next EuroFM Members Meeting. All members are invited also to the CIFMers conference. To the CIFMers conference only limite"

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Upcoming events

EuroFM Members Meeting Madrid - Program out now!

"EuroFM is happy to collaborate with the CIFMers organization in order to organize the next EuroFM Members Meeting. All members are i"

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Benchmarking needs, requirements & benefits: Join the PNG and CANG meeting in Madrid!

"On Wednesday September 28th (11:00-13:00CET), during the members meeting in Madrid, the PNG and CANG jointly organize this meeting f"

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EuroFM Winterschool 2017

"The EuroFM winterschool will take place during the EuroFM members meeting at the Oslo and Akershus University College of applied sci"

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EFMC 2017

"We welcome you all next year at the EFMC 2017 in Madrid, Spain!   EFMC 2017, to take place on April 26th and 27th in Madrid: "

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EuroFM is the European FM platform organization that brings educators, researchers and practitioners in the field of Facility Management (FM) together. The aim is to bring forward the FM profession and to come to a better mutual understanding by learning and sharing FM knowledge. EuroFM is here to facilitate networking opportunities and to share best practice, the advancement of knowledge of Facility Management in Europe.